Are You Frustrated With Your Bowling Game And Can't Seem To Improve?

Maybe it is time for a lesson from Denny Torgerson from Denny's Pro Shop

     Denny is a certified USA Coach, PBA National Champion,  and current PBA Member who has US and International experience in the coaching field.  He has several programs available for your convenience:

      Most bowlers learn by themselves or with some help from some well meaning other bowlers.  Even though the basic fundamentals are not adhered to, the bowler will show some improvement with practice.  There comes a point, however, when the improvement stops because of poor fundamentals.  Although each bowler has a different style, certain aspects must be adhered to in order for the bowler to improve.  This is what a lesson from Denny Torgerson can teach you, and with practice improvement will continue.

Give Denny's Pro Shop A Call @ 515-274-0493 and Set Up A Time For Your Bowling Progress! 

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